Pop Up Display

 8 feet
 8X10 feet
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  • Banners Are NON Glare
  • With Endcaps + $75



  • Banners Are NON Glare
  • With Endcaps + $75



  • Banners Are NON Glare
  • With Endcaps + $75

An extensive, affordable, and reusable banner that compliments your advertisement, or exhibiting work is what Pop up display offers. A pop up display is a versatile option among the wide variety of display and banner choices. This display can be used both indoors and outdoors. One can use it for Pop up trade show display, wall display, or for shop advertisements. If you want to create a vast illusion and a lively office room, having one or more Pop up displays will help you create that professionalism.

What’s more, this display can be moved or folded whenever or wherever the owner wants. The easily foldable feature makes it easier to carry and store. It comes in various sizes and prices that we offer and you can choose one according to your business and preferences.

Pop up display stand

The vast range of pop-up displays comes from a variety of display stands. Pop up display stands are easily portable, can be used for different ads anytime, and has an easy assembly procedure. That’s why the pop up display has this many pros.

  • Fabric Pop up stand: It comes in different shapes and sizes requiring no gadgets. With easy assembly, it is portable with many advantages. Moreover, the lightweight feature makes it easier to carry.
  • Tension Fabric stand/ Double-sided Pop up stand: It has broad exposure and is watchable from each side. It is also portable and easy to assemble without any additional gadgets.
  • Curved Pop up stand: This one has beautiful and curvy edges that make the display more catchy and define. Be it a corner or a broad area, it fits in any type of place easily with an eye-catching design.
  • Straight Pop up stand: The difference between a straight and a curved display is the area it covers. The straight pop up stand offers a big impact that people can notice from far as well.
  • Linked Pop up stand: This one has a variety of designs that you can change only by tweaking a little bit. You can say, two stands are being tied together to make either an L-shape or a U-shape design making it appealing to people. Moreover, it is eye-catching and comes with LEDs, kits, etc.
  • Monitor mounted Pop up stand: This stand allows a monitor or TV mount stand for any display purpose. You can have both with this. The rear stand will have a beautiful fabric with your desired display and the TV mount will help you display any ad or graphics that compliment the whole thing.

Even after this much variety, every one of them comes in different sizes, shapes, and color designs. As a buyer, you have the upper hand in choosing whichever design or stand you want.

Pop up display banner

Pop up display is meaningless without any banner. There are two kinds of people buying this kind of display. One is who only buys the stand so that he can only order any kind of banner and attach them to his stand whenever he wants. The second one orders the whole Pop up display that includes both the stand and banner. Though there is no difference, you can order a new banner any way after you don’t need the previous one.

The pop display uses a fabric banner that is laminated. The fabric is either made of satin or polyester. Some pop up banners are made of vinyl or poly poplin as well. After printing high-quality graphics, it is dye-sublimated. The fabric is of stretch materials for providing edgy and sharp proportions.

The banner is, of course, of high quality, though it is not preferable for long-time outdoor use. That should not be a problem since the promotional events, stalls, trade shows, and exhibitions are some shot-timed events.

There is also SEG (Silicone edge graphics) type banner that offers high-quality graphic pictures. For pop up stands, hop-up banners are also used in a broad spectrum.

Fabric Pop up display

Fabric Pop up display is one of the easiest go-to have. Its stand is made of lightweight aluminum that can be extended anywhere you want. Its scissor-like stand has an easy interlocking system that you can secure with just a snap.

The fabric used on this is of stretchy materials like polyester, vinyl, poly poplin, etc. The printing is either SEG or Hop up. Both are famous for fabric pop up display use. For Pop up fabric displays, there are a variety of sizes and shapes like curved, straight, etc. Depending on the size or shape, the price also varies.

It is easy to carry because of the light aluminum used as the stand. In most cases, the bag you will be provided with the whole thing is easily portable. Since it is foldable and shrinks to a small size, the bag is also of the normal size of a suitcase. Of course, the bag and size vary depending on the provider since there are lots of companies out there.

You can also add your own LEDs to emphasize the display in dark places or at night. This will make it more appealing and eye-catching to the passers-by.

To assemble it, you only have to extend it first. The locks also vary from brand to brand. The locks are easy to attach. Make sure to attach every lock so that the fabric does not look loose at all. After locking, you will have nothing else to do as the fabric will be there looking sharp and beautiful already.

And for folding, you will have to unlock every lock because if you try to fold it even with only one lock on, the stand will have problems. In some cases, that lock will break when applied force. However, that can be amended if you send it back to the provider. Another thing to note is folding it in the right way will limit the number of wrinkles or folds.

Benefits of Fabric Pop up display

Among all types of displays for banner or advertisement purposes, Pop up display wins in many aspects. The benefits it offers are more than enough to convince a person.


Fabric pop up display is like buy once, enjoy the benefits forever. For businessmen, retailers, or event show organizers, this one comes at a good price to bargain. Moreover, it has the benefits of having used for different banners. So you can use it at various trade shows, advertisements, events, etc without spending any more.


The fabric pop up display stand is of aluminum material. You can easily attach and detach the banner from it easily. That’s why you can use it for various purposes. For example, you have used a banner for weeks and need a new one. Rather than ordering a whole new one, you can just order the banner and attach it to the stand.

Easy assemble

Since the pop-up display is foldable, it has easy assembly. You won’t even 5 minutes for extending or folding it. The locks are easy to attach and detach too. Just extend, snap, and voila.


This display is portable due to its foldable and lightweight feature. The aluminum stand itself is lightweight and makes it easier for the carrier. Moreover, the foldable design will help one to put it in a bag he can easily carry.

Easy store

As we said, the foldable feature of Pop up fabric display helps during transportation. This very feature is the reason why you can put it anywhere in the storage. Pull it out whenever you are in need of a banner display.

Tension Fabric Display and Fabric Pop up display

Most people debate over Tension fabric Displays and Fabric Pop up displays as they have almost similar proportions and features. Both these types have a little difference in their price making the Tension fabric Display the expensive one. Keep in note that the price difference is way too little to consider sometimes.

Because Tension fabric display has one upper hand and that is it has fewer wrinkles than the fabric one. Let us elaborate. The tension fabric display stand is made of long aluminum stands and you have to assemble them. Since there are a few things to assemble, you will be able to make it stand in 7-10 minutes.

The fabric will be like a pillowcase with a zipper. The front part is of your desirable ad or color while the back part is to support. In some cases, people also use an ad on the back side so you can have two of them at a time. Since it is like a pillowcase, it will be tighter having fewer wrinkles and sketchy edges. However, getting it ready requires a lot of space and struggles.

On the other hand, the fabric pop up display has a foldable stand with a lot of scissor-type locks. After pulling it to extend, you can lock those things in the back. The locks are really easy to put together. You just have to put them in places and snap.

This one is less tight but you will be able to do it faster without having to worry about space and other struggles. The fabric will be attached to the stand if you order it that way. Moreover, there are different stand types such as curvy and straight displays.

How to attach fabric to pop up display?

If you have a new fabric to attach to the Pop up display stand, attaching it is easy if you follow the procedure. The stand will have two sides with one side having a lace-type attacher. Rotate the stand and lay it down and make sure the attacher is upwards.

Even though one can do it, two people make it easier. Take your fabric banner and align it to the stand accordingly. The banner also will have a liner attacher that is the other half of the stand attacher. Put the fabric attacher on the stand one aligning it perfectly. Do it on all four sides and pull the stand up. Then, attach the edges according to the stand attacher. If it does not look appealing, you can always detach it and try to do it again.

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