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About Our Company

At Industri Designs, we stand proud with over 20 years of unparalleled experience in the world of printing. Over the decades, we have polished and perfected our craft, standing today as a stalwart in the industry, with a rich legacy of excellence that speaks for itself.

Proven Trust of Thousands

As the trusted printer for over 1500 companies and individuals, we hold a robust track record of delivering satisfaction through high-quality printing solutions. Each of our clients is a testimony to our relentless commitment to excellence, showcasing a journey crafted with dedication and finesse.

Your Vision, Our Blueprint

We believe in translating your vision into tangible artifacts. Our expertise lies in understanding the intricate details of your requirements and breathing life into them with our bespoke printing solutions. Whether it's a vibrant banner that tells a story or an eye-catching billboard that turns heads, we channel your vision into our blueprint to create products that resonate with your ideals.

Capacities Beyond Measure

At Industri Designs, we have fostered a culture of continually expanding our boundaries. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery capable of handling any size of print job. The vast capabilities of our production units allow us to undertake and excel in projects of varying magnitudes, delivering with the same proficiency and brilliance, every single time.

Experts in OOH Campaign Printing

We are the maestros of Out-of-Home (OOH) campaign printing. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we create OOH collateral that not just relays a message but tells a compelling story that engages and enthralls the audience. Our mastery in OOH campaign printing ensures that your campaigns achieve the desired outreach, creating a lasting impression in the minds of the viewers.

Quality That Speaks

The Industri Designs experience is characterized by a stringent adherence to quality standards. Our print products undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure that what reaches you is nothing short of perfection. We use premium materials, coupled with the latest printing technologies, to deliver products that not just meet but exceed your expectations.

A Partner in Your Journey

As you partner with Industri Designs, you are not just getting a service but beginning a journey towards perfection. Our team of experts works hand-in-hand with you, advising, crafting, and creating products that echo with excellence and precision.

Choosing to print with Industri Designs is choosing a partner who brings reliability, experience and an unmatched dedication to the table. Our rich history of satisfied clientele and a wide range of services catered to fulfill every printing need under the sun is a testament to our supremacy in the industry.

Come be a part of the Industri Designs legacy, where every print tells a story of excellence, precision, and a journey towards perfection.

We provide account management, targeted consumer and business mailing lists, mailing services, as well as design services, finishing services, digital imaging services and personalized direct mail communications with variable data printing.

Printing Resources

Optimizing Your Order
We have specified turnaround times for most of our products. Sometimes, although rarely we have equipment failures or malfunctions that could possibly delay your jobs.

Custom Quote
Get a quote for a custom print job.

Design Services
Industri Designs isn't just printing. By assembling a team of highly skilled and creative designers, we are able to offer a complete marketing package for you or your business.Design Samples

Design Samples
View our design sample gallery here. We offer In-house design services.

Design Templates
Design templates can be downloaded by visiting the product you are interested in and clicking on the download template link. It will ensure you have accurate, size, color mode, resolution and bleeds for whatever product you are designing.

Art Guidelines
If you lose sleep at night trying to figure out how to submit your artwork to us then your sleepless nights are over! We have put together a complete list of every question we've ever answered on how to submit art and what specifications we require.

We try to explain everything in Plain English so it's easy for everyone to follow. If you're still having problems understanding how to submit art then give us a call. We'll be happy to help you out!

Direct Mailing Resources

Mail Information
If you are setting up a mailing campaign then please take a minute to read through our basic guide on business mailings.

Direct Mail TemplateMailer Templates
Our Mailer templates will ensure that you have all the proper USPS specfications for direct mailing your piece.

Mailing FAQs
The Internet has brought about colossal changes in the field of marketing. The low cost of delivering messages via banner ads and email seemed to spell the doom of direct mail. It was not meant to be. The fleeting images on a screen, although inexpensive, are still no match for the power of paper in a customer's hand. In fact, last year was the best year ever for direct mail, capping over a decade of double-digit growth. And NOTHING beats direct mail for its ability to accurately measure effectiveness.

Mailing Terms
Our Terms & Conditions for direct mailing services.

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